I contacted Lake Norman Fountain of Youth and had a no pressure consultation and my treatment done – and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Amy Pipala

Delivery was perfect, you didn’t go too overboard and it was exactly what I needed for a natural lip line.

Casey Flanders-Jones

My experience at Lake Norman Fountain of Youth has been very exciting for me.

Dena Carlyle
You’ve been treating me for about eight years now, we’ve been doing laser treatments, doing the PRP and PRF.
David Holland

These ladies are amazing! Highly recommend them for all your filler needs (as well as many other things). Lisa did an amazing job with my lips, and Amber is just as great! You are in good hands either way!!

Lindsay Rufino

I recommend these professional ladies. They are artists.

Kathy Street Lynn

Everyone has their own beauty secrets, and these two ladies are mine! I see both Lisa and Amber more often than I’d like to admit, and highly recommend them for all of your beauty needs! Congrats ladies, you are the best!

Michelle Paulette

Love them! So nice and professional!!

Shawna Somerson

Knowledgeable, highly skilled, and take the time to do what is best for your individual needs! Fantastic experience!

Lisa Leal-Ontiveros

Everything they offer!!!!! Amber and Lisa, the BEST.

Penni Newton

    Let's Talk:

    We love the transparency of Lake Norman Fountain of Youth and that is one reason I’ve recommended people to Lake Norman Fountain of Youth

    Tracey Waugh

    I’ve been in aesthetics for ten years and been a nurse for twenty years, I was a nurse practitioner in the dermatology field and a lot of that experience I’m over to carry over into aesthetics.

    Amber George

    I would refer people to Fountain of Youth because it’s a very professional and a welcoming atmosphere.

    Lauren Shufelt

    It has completely changed my life, I feel like I am in my 20’s again, I more energy, stamina and overall just feel better.

    Cheri MacLeod

    I’ve been a nurse since 2009 and got into aesthetics in 2012. I love what I do, I love the art of aesthetics, the science of nursing…

    Lisa Smith

    Precise, Professional and Perfect! Bottom line, they know what they’re doing!!!

    Cassandra Smith Fussell

    Excellent service! The location is great and the appointment areas are very clean. Will be a return customer for sure!

    Elizabeth Newidomy

    The nurses at LKN Fountain of Youth (Lisa and Amber) are amazing at what they do. They are true professional artists! Highly recommend!

    Diane Hall

    Highly recommended! Lisa and Amber are experts in their field and have their clients best interest in mind. During consultation I was fully informed of what treatment and options I was getting as well as expectations going forward. They were honest and up front regarding every aspect of my care and everything went as expected. Both ladies are very knowledgable regarding processes and the products they promote because they actually use them. Their products for “mask face” are amazing and honestly work for dryness and redness. I encourage people to inquire about Biote hormone replacement therapy. I personally am in this program and have seen great results with energy and sleep pattern along with feeling less stressed. My experience here exceeded my expectations and will be returning for other services.

    Brandy Smith

    Lisa and Amber are amazing! Highly recommend, I came here for services to help my under eye issues and wrinkles. They were awesome and made me feel beautiful

    Mervette Rivers

    Very experienced. Beautiful office. Very professional! Love their work. Very friendly and knowledgeable! Will make the hour drive back again and again!!! 5 star service.

    Deana Gowan Hoffman Friday