There are many men and women who are unhappy with their lips. Whether it’s because their lips have thinned out with age, or because they’ve just never had the fullness they’ve wanted. In recent years, lip injections have become increasingly popular among women of every age. And why not? Lip injections are a great solution for patients who want that perfect pout they see on celebrities all over social media. How refreshing to know beautiful lips are attainable for everyone, not just Jenners and Kardashians!

If you’ve been researching lip injections for a while, one thing you may be interested in is how long it will be before you will see results after having your lips injected. We think you’ll be happy with the answer to this question, so keep reading to learn more about lip injections and Lake Norman Fountain of Youth’s approach to this amazing cosmetic treatment.

Lip Injections

For most of Lake Norman Fountain of Youth’s patients, we use Restylane products during their lip injection treatment. These products use hyaluronic acid to plump the lips and provide men and women with natural-looking results.

We all know someone who has overdone it and ended up with that “ducky” look that makes people stare for all the wrong reasons. That’s why our providers are careful to maintain proper ratios, define a gentle tapering of the lips, and strategically add volume to each patient’s lips based on their specific needs and physical attributes.

Our Approach To Lip Injections

Before injecting the lips of patients, we apply topical lidocaine to ensure comfort during the procedure. We use the following strategies to provide optimal results:

Balance: To ensure the perfect balance between the upper and lower lips, we will inject filler to create a natural 1:1.2 ratio. The ultimate goal is for the upper lip to rest on the lower lip, and for the lower lip to “pout” just slightly.
Tapering: natural-looking lips are the goal, and as men and women age, their lips become thinner towards the edges of the mouth.
Pout: Most patients who see our practice for lip injections want to achieve the perfect pout. To do this we reinforce the area between the red part of the lips and the skin, enhance the curve just above the midpoint of the top lip, and add volume to the vertical indentations in the middle area of the upper lip.
Corners: Some patients who visit complain of having lips that turn slightly down at the corners. This makes them look mad – all the time. By using lip injections, we can augment the soft tissue within the lips and straighten the corners. Bye, bye mad face!

When Will I See My Results?

You’ll be happy to know that initial lip injection results are immediate, and you’ll walk out of of our office with fuller, happier lips. However, your final results will be noticeable about a week after you receive your lip injections. This is because the dermal filler needs time to integrate with the soft tissues of your lips.

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