When it comes to filler, we want it all. And why shouldn’t we? We want to turn back the clock in a way that looks natural. And we want these youth-giving results to last as long as possible.

If you’ve tried filler in the past, but find you aren’t getting the volume you want (or it’s disappearing way too fast), Sculptra may be for you. In many cases, when it comes to giving natural-looking oomph to hollow cheeks and temples, nothing beats Sculptra for lifting and plumping. We’ve seen some amazing results in some of our clients with thinner faces and gaunt cheeks that can result from weight loss.

Why We’re Loving This Long-Lasting Filler

  • The results are noticeable for up to 2 years. (Because, sadly, everyone continues to age, touch ups are typically needed after two years to maintain or improve the client’s appearance.)
  • The look is natural and gradual, but also provides significant improvement.
  • The injections promote our own collagen production, so the results get better over time.

Each injection—typically two-three are recommended, spaced about a month apart—deposits small dissolvable crystals, made of a synthetic material called Poly-L-lactic acid, into the fatty layer of the face. The crystals trigger the body to start producing its own collagen in those areas. The crystals gradually dissolve, leaving only the new collagen in its place. In this way, the final “filler” is actually the client’s own collagen tissue making Sculptra the most natural of all off-the-shelf injectable fillers.

Since Sculptra is injected over time, the improvements are gradual, contributing to the natural-looking results. This makes it easy for the practitioner to see the changes before deciding how much and where to inject more Sculptra during the next session. Ideally, clients can combine Sculptra injections with other skin rejuvenating treatments, such as laser resurfacing or microneedling, to give them maximum improvement with minimal downtime and without the costs and risks of a face lift.

Pro Tips From The LKN Fountain of Youth Providers:

  • Always work with a highly skilled and experienced practitioners or nurse trained in Sculptra injections with a critical eye and a long list of happy clients.
  • Because it’s long lasting, you may want to first experiment with other volumizing fillers made from hyaluronic acid (which can be easily dissolved with hyaluronidase) so you can get a better idea of what it looks like to plump up your hollow areas.
  • Sculptra injections can result in some bruising and swelling, and also require clients to massage the treated areas several times a day for about a week to prevent unwanted lumps and bumps.
  • It is not a “lunch-time” filler, since several injections are required. However, you will see some improvement after the very first injection.
  • It is not meant for more delicate areas with thinner skin, such as under-eye depressions, or areas with a lot of movement, such as the lips.